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zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 developers. you can easily develop business applications using this robust framework. this is extremely easy to learn and very simple to implement. you can deliver a full fledged ajax application with strong business layer in backend within some minutes. installation and deployment of packages that you develop for zephyr is hassle free. moreover you will get all the features of most popular templating engine "smarty" and powerfull data access layer "adoDB". lets go through the documentation process to discover how easy is to develop an ajax application using zephyr framework.

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zephyr is an MVC (model-view-controller) framework and supports complete separation of business logic layer from presentation layer. It is built using popular and tested libraries in backend. Proven codes make zephyr more stable and flexible for end users. Here is some important features of zephyr.

1. zephyr uses Smarty as template engine. so developing templates for zephyr is flexible and structured. moreover you can use all the powerful features of smarty in your templates. [learning curve is less]

2. adoDB is used as DAL (data access layer) in zephyr.

3. you can manage multiple databases concurrently in zephyr actions.

4. easy integration of custom php and javascript libraries

5. zephyr's front end is developen on top of sam stephenson's famous prototype library. it reduces pain to use javascript in templates and gives you ultimate flexibility.

6. zephyr uses CPAINT as ajax interface. so you can easily pass multibyte characters from and to your actions using zephyr.

7. each package has their own initializer

8. implements pre actions processors which helps you to run some specific actions before normal actions. this will help you to implement stronger validations.

9. supports cron actions which runs after regular interval.

10. easy manipulation of database records. zephyrs internal request manager manages all request parameters in a flexible way so that you just dont need to access and set these parameters exclusively.

11. you can integrate any PEAR package easily.

12. you can manage database aggreate functions via zephyr's builtin database aggregator object.

13. Supports multiple level of user defined filters

14. easy integration with ezComponents