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16th April, 06 :  Second Beta Release
                         Overall Performance Tuning and optimization
                         Show loading image while loading response in <DIV>s. Now it becomes more user friendly.
                         Input and Output Filters
                         SQLite support
                         Fixed embedded script execution bug for IE
                         Now Prototype Library is a part of Zephyr. So users can take its advantage.
                         All incoming variables are available via $_PARAMS array. No need to unserialize() param string
                         before using it.
                         easy domain model loading and easy user submitted data retrieving
                         Multiple Database (Concurrently) are supported now
                         Multiple PHP files are supported via package.xml
                         Multiple Javascript files are supported via package.xml
                         Multiple PreAction_Processors are supported via package.xml
                         Package initializer added.
                         Non Printable characters are supported
                         Added more convenient cookie manipulation functions (contributed by Scott Andrew)
                         Loading PEAR packages are supported
                         Implemented AbstractDBInfo class for more easier DB connection
1st   Feb , 06 :  First Beta release
                         Fixed the cron_action bug for IE
                         Removed the get_view() method from action.interface.php
                         Added SQL Aggregator in DAO
                         Removed jscalendar and overlib from default distribution
15th Jan , 06 :  Ability to register an action to run after regular interval automatically
                         Call an action from another action
                         Ability to use builtin templates (views) and actions which does not belong to any package.
                         upgrade internal performance
                         Some internal exception handled by default like database connection failure etc.
                         Capability to use user defined smarty plugins from “plugins” folder inside your package folder.
                         Now internal actions are also able to call package actions
                         Ability to execute script inside a response data
2nd  Jan , 06 :  minor bug fix [preview release 4.00]
30th Dec, 05 :  modified the style_sheet loader, javascript loader and added user defined php script loading
                        capability.  now user can access their own php functions from actions. [preview release 3.00]
27th Dec, 05 :  now DAO throws exception which is managable from actions. also a new example package of
                        database  connection has been added in package folder. [preview release 2.00]
23rd  Dec, 05 : added support of <root_action>. now users can use <root_action> as well as <root_template> in
                         their package definition. [preview release 1.00]
22nd Dec, 05 : first public release [preview release]